Leisure Activities

Don’t forget to visit the Steve Biko Centre in Ginsburg (The Biko Heritage Trail)


The Steve Biko Bridge

The Steve Biko Stadium
Zanempilo Clinic
The Steve Biko Office
The Steve Biko Gardens of Remembrance
The Biko Monument

Amathole & Missionary Museum


Natural History Building housing housing Hubertha: The world’s most famous hippo
History and Shortridge Mammals Hall
Daines Wing of Local History
Xhosa Gallery
Library houses The Kitton Collection of Africana

The Old Post Office Building


The town has one of the oldest post offices in the country developed by missionaries led by Brownlee. The old Post Office section now houses the Xhosa Gallery of the Amathole Museum. It was declared a National Monument in 1980.


Griffiths and Victoria Mxenge’s struggle


The anti-apartheid activists and human rights lawyers, Griffiths and Victoria Mxenge are buried outside King William’s Town. They were married in 1964 and moved to Durban. Their lives were much affected by frequent bannings, detentions and imprisonment, but they both handled many high-profile and political cases. They were both assassinated by security force hit squads in 1981 and 1985 respectively.



Old Churches


There are many old churches to visit in town.  The building of Holy Trinity, now the oldest existing church in King William’s Town, was an act of faith in time of peril. It was accomplished in spite of official discouragement, war and financial difficulties. The foundation stone was laid in 1850 and work commenced by the military until the outbreak of the War of Mlanjeni (1850-1853) postponed building operations. The building was eventually completed by civilian workmen in 1856, albeit with a canvas roof. The tower was added in 1932. It received National Monument status in 1986 and contains several interesting memorial plaques, including a noteworthy reconciliation plaque as well as stained glass windows.



Amatola Trail


The trail runs for more than 110km Amatola Hiking Trails Several 2 day / 1 night trails (ideal for weekends) and a 5 night / 6 day “toughey”. The most stunning views of the Amatola Mountains, with endless waterfalls. Contact Daki Ngxangane, Tel: 043 – 642 2571

Magical, Mystical Hogsback (Festivities, Events and facilities)

Hogsback Country Xmas in July (Festival Organizer: 082 200 3289)

Garden Tours (045 – 962 1192)

Lord Of The Chain Rings (084 504 1073)

Hogsback Spring Festival (045 – 962 1174)


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Amatola Trail

Amathole hiking trail

Griffiths & Victoria

Mxenge’s graves

Griffiths and Victori Mxenge's

The Old Post Office Building

Old Post Office

The Holy Trinity Church

The Holy Trinity Church